Supporting Python 3: An in-depth guide


Supporting Python 3 doesn’t have to be daunting. This book guides you through the process of adding Python 3 support, from choosing a strategy to solving your distribution issues. Using plenty of code examples, it guides you across the hurdles and shows you the new Python features.

2016-10-23: The first release of the community version!

After almost a year of delay, the community version of the book is finally here! The book has been renamed to “Supporting Python 3” to signal both that something happened to the book, and to signal that it’s no longer a question of porting.

Another change is that this site will be rebuilt on a nightly basis, so it’s always the latest version. I have also retired the paper version completely. If you want to sponsor a print run of the paper book, contact me! They make good giveaways for Python conferences!

There are also PDF versions for screen, which will also fit an A4 and letter paper, tablets and phones available for download.

About the Author

Lennart Regebro, has been a full time Python developer since 2001 and has been using Python 3 since early 2008.

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