About this book

This book is written in reStructuredText[1], typeset with Sphinx[2] and LaTeX[3] and printed on CreateSpace[4]. The typefaces used are TeX Gyre Schola for the main text, DejaVu Sans Mono for the code and Flux Bold for headings.

The cover photo is taken by Emmanuel “Tambako” Keller, http://www.flickr.com/photos/tambako/

Almost all the code examples are unit tested, but there are likely to be many bugs in the text, so there will be a list of errata on the books web page, http://python3porting.com/.

I would like to thank the following persons for helping making this book much better:

Brett Cannon for writing the foreword.

Martin von Löwis for indispensable feedback with his technical review of the book, as well as helping a lot on early porting work, like Distribute and zope.interface.

Godefroid Chapelle, Jasper Spaans and Wyn Williams for reviewing the book for content, grammar and errors.

Brandon Craig Rhodes for editing the first chapters of this book when the idea was that it would be a series of articles in Python Magazine.